Rhythm of Time

by Beth, June 2008

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Thank you Beth for your lovely tribute to Our Place on the Beach!

The stories old as time, repetitive as the tide, and steadfast as the shores that comprise the exposition of these tales.

Mothers earnestly watch their pudgy feet of their toddlers as they waddle toward the damp sand, a pail tightly clutched in a tiny hand.

Older, but oh so young still, the youth dive in for each wave laughing joyously at the conquest of each rumbling belch of froth.

…..a flat top then, Mohawk now, flicking a cigarette with a hand meant to impress their worldliness upon their peers.

A couple, his arms looped about her shoulders her nestled to his side, an expression of wonder upon each face.

Flashes of light capture the smile of newlyweds, their love as fresh as the aged hands that gently steady one another is old.

Paw prints chasing paw prints along the water’s edge outlining a portrait of four legged frolicking in and out of the refreshing sea.

Pelicans fly in precise lines above the ocean’s vast buffet diving with amazing precision punctuated with a splash of their main course.

The myriad of colors leaking across the sky flashing the last moments of day, the tangerine orange, rose, blush, pink and red emblazoned across the horizon.

Amid the stars, Mr. Moon hangs in the sky pulling the vast waters to and fro in a well known rhythmic dance,  MOTHER EARTH life breath.

So goes the splendid bird’s eye-view from a renter’s porch above the sea, on vacation a rhythm old as time.  Our Place on the Beach!

by Beth

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